About Kennebec Metals Recycling

The History

Kennebec Metal Recycling was founded in 2009 by Brian and Allison Keyte and Chris and Keri Bowen in Skowhegan, ME. Brian began as a small business in Pittsfield, Maine, named Central Maine Recyclers. Eventually he merged with the Bowens to become Kennebec Metal Recycling. Soon after, they added a 70-foot truck scale and equipment for unloading and processing materials. Today Kennebec Metals is owned solely by Brian and Allison Keyte and run by family. Brian and Allison's two children work at Kennebec Metals as well as a group of dedicated employees who have been with them from the very beginning.

Environmentally Friendly

Kennebec Metal Recycling focuses on minimizing environmental impact by carefully handling all materials. Our disposal methods are environmentally safe, non-toxic, and approved by the State and Federal governments.

Competitive Pricing

We are in the business of providing fair pricing and honest grading of catalytic converters and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Come visit us and see why everyone chooses Kennebec Metal Recycling!

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